Tribal Priorities

As a Tribe we understand we carry a responsibility to move our community and the communities in Eastern Connecticut forward.

Commitment to State and Local Partners

As Mohegan continues its journey, the spirit of Mohegan Tribal culture guides the path toward prosperity and, in turn, giving back. With properties in five states and two countries — and a property opening in a third country soon — the Tribe generates a significant amount of revenue for government partners, with proceeds from operations funding projects that improve the lives of all residents. In 2019 alone, Mohegan properties directly generated $760 million dollars for state, provincial, and local governments in the United States and Canada.

Since being recognized as a sovereign nation by the federal government in 1994, the Mohegan Tribe has been invested in strong and sustained partnerships with state and local governments. In the nearly 30 years since, that agreement has generated over $4.5 billion dollars that have underwritten essential public services, crucial infrastructure projects, and educational and community programs across the entire state of Connecticut. The Mohegan Tribe has made invaluable contributions to local infrastructural, including funding a $35 million access road to allow Mohegan Sun’s nine million annual visitors access without clogging residential roads, provided upfront funding for an $11 million water project to ensure that safe, clean drinking
water is available for the entire region for decades to come.


Championing Education and Culture

The Mohegan Tribe recognizes the extraordinary value of a high-quality education for our children and our future. Part of its commitment to educators and schools includes proudly sponsoring the Connecticut Teacher of the Year program. The Tribe also promotes the importance of educating our students and communities about indigenous history and the contributions that its ancestors have made to our society. Every year, we meet with inspiring educators to congratulate them, learn from their experience, and discuss how native history can be incorporated into their curriculums. We also provide educators with an opportunity to apply for the Mohegan Challenge Grant, which promotes expanding Native American studies in our public schools through a $1,000 grant to fund educational materials for this purpose.

Learn more about the Tribe’s Educators Project which includes a combination of free Native American study resources and tools available to educators and homeschoolers.

Saint Bernard School:

At a time of financial challenge, the Mohegan Tribe purchased the land on which the Saint Bernard School sits allowing it to continue operating and educating students without any interruption or disruption. The property also holds significant historical importance to the Mohegan Tribe, deeply intertwined with the= Tribe’s ancestral heritage and cultural identity.


Improving Our Community’s Health Everyday

Emergency Services
The Uncasville Medical Center at Mohegan Sun


Mohegan Culture

Mohegan is committed to sharing our knowledge and the Tribe’s history with the public through sites like the Tantaquidgeon Museum, the annual Wigwam Festival. We invite you to learn more about our Tribe’s history and culture by visiting our Tribe’s page.